The Best Lift Kits Available

The Best Lift Kits Available

Choosing the best lift kit for your truck is not just about the make and model of your truck, although that does play a big role in which one you should buy. Before buying one for your truck you want to find out about the different lifts available, making sure that you keep in mind that not all lifts are the same, even if they are made by the same manufacturer. Choosing the best option for your truck is going to be based on how the lift kit is made, but also on how it is supposed to be installed.

Best Value

Truxxx Manufacturing is considered the best value for your money. The company makes lift kits for the Chevrolet and GMC truck lines, as well as their SUVs. They also make kits for the Ford F-150 line and the Dodge Ram 1500. These lift kits are fairly simply to install and raise the front of your truck 3 inches, which is enough to get heads turning. The best part about these is that you can actually install them yourself with minimal trouble.

Under 4 inches

Truxxx Manufacturing is also a good bet when lifting under four inches. One of the best things about their kits, aside from the large numbers of makes and models, is that they are made from steel. Truxxx Manufacturing makes lifts for the entire line of Chevy trucks, but they also make kits for the new Ford F-150s, older F-150 4x4s and Chevy Hummer H2, Suburban, Tahoe, K1500, and K2500HD. Daystar and Revtek are also good brands, but neither one makes lifts for any Chevy trucks.

4 to 6 Inches

The RCD lift kit is one of the best available because it provides you with a great fit to your truck. As an added bonus each of their lift kits include Bilstein shocks. They also use an extended length spindle for IFS. Fabtech is another great six-inch lift because of how they use bigger leaf springs if you have a straight axle truck. Moreover, they are the only ones that have lifting spindles for 2wd trucks.

6 to 8 inches

California Super Trucks makes some great lifts if you are looking to go bigger than six inches. One thing that makes the them stand out amongst others is the spindles are made of plate, which is designed to give you that custom race look. Fabtech and RCD also make good lift kits for anything above six inches for the same reasons stated above.

Bigger than 8 inches

For the same reasons listed above California Super Trucks make some great lifts if you are looking to go big. Donahoe Racing also makes some quality lift kits for the Ford truck line, but with an emphasis on the Super Duty. The 12.5-inch model comes with Bilstein shocks and provides a nice ride, although it isn't a smooth ride. Like some other lift kit manufacturers, Donahoe doesn't make a kit for Chevy trucks.

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