About Us

About Us

At Bad Ass Chrome Rims we bring the best Chrome Rims available online to one site. Here you will find New and Used Chrome Rims for most every car & truck on the road. Huge Selection, Great Prices and new rims added every day.

Are you tired of how your car looks? It might be time to replace those wheels with something new. This is applicable even if you plan to simply change the rims in order to get ones that are more durable and make your car look completely new. However, once you do decide to buy the rims, you need to know the right places to shop for them.

Here, we have one of the best selections of new and used rims as well as Factory OEM Rims. Regardless of the make and model of your car, you should be able to find a suitable wheel that will make it look new. While there are a ton of new rims to choose from, you can also find something used. Not only will you get rims that look like new, but at a stellar price owing to the fact that they were slightly used.

Upon first look, you might not be able to distinguish the used ones from the new ones and they literally look the same. Buying a set can usually get you further discounts, which is the recommended method when changing rims. If you were to mix and match brands, you might end up jeopardizing the safety of the car. You should take care to ensure that you don’t do this so that the handling or the safety of your vehicle is not compromised in any way. Once you take a look at the prices, you won’t worry as much about affordability.

There are multiple brands for you to take your pick from here. So, no matter what your preferences might be, you shouldn’t have any difficulty in finding the right kind of brand for your car. Some of the brands here include American Eagle, American Racing, Boss Motorsports, Enkei, Foose, Giovanna, Konig, Volk, Dub, BBS Racing and Black Wheels. In all, there are over 20 brands for the individual to make a selection from. Rim sizes include sizes as small as 14’ all the way up to 30’. You should pretty much be able to upgrade or downsize your rims, as you desire.

In terms of finding the exact identical Factory OEM Rims, you can search by make and model and eventually land on your selection. If you want to simply invest in hub caps and not buy expensive rims, it might be a good thing that there are even replica hubcaps for sale here, which significantly brings the price down.

Our wide selection is designed to ensure you get that special rim for your car and we will assist you in whatever way possible in order to do so. So, go ahead and enjoy the new and used rims and Factory OEM Rims featured on this site.