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American Eagle Wheels and Rims

American Eagle wheels, chrome wheels, truck wheels, chrome rims, custom rims, car rims, and wheel & tire packages. American Eagle Wheel is America’s leading manufacturer of aluminum after-market car and truck wheels. American Eagle Wheels operates two manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and utilize the most advanced technologies in the industry. Exclusive use of precision CNC machine tools and state-of-the-art coatings facilities create the finest finishes available.

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High Intensity Discharge lights (HID)

HID Kit For Street-racing Street-racing has always been best done in the dark of the night until the wee hours of the morning, where racers just manage to avoid the early commuters going to work. If you have this alternate lifestyle, then ordinary headlights for your automobile will not be enough. Speed is the most […]

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Asanti Chrome Wheels and Rims

Asanti Chrome Wheels Asanti wheels are unprecedented in design with a delicate mixture of styling and elegance. Asanti rims has set a paradigm for the world to follow. Chrome rims by Asanti wheels speak for themselves, truly remarkable styling, and looks.

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Dub Custom Chrome Wheels

Dub Custom Chrome Wheels If you have been searching for DUB Chrome wheels, also referred to as DUB racing rims, you have come to the right place. Here you will find dozens of DUB Chrome Wheels and DUB racing rims for sale online. DUB custom wheels and DUB racing rims are made with the highest quality materials […]

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Pink Rims WTF?

Well I thought I had seen it all but now I ran accross these online and just thought I had to share them with everyone. Who else wants a set of Pink Rims or some people call them Pink Chrome Rims. I never would have imagined a manufacture would produce such a thing? But then agaim I have seen pink Caddy’s runnin up and down my road for a while, and then there is that cosmetic company that gives there top sellers a pink caddy as a bonus for selling a shit load of make up, so I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Yep folks check out these actual “Pink Rims”. So you think they might roll well on your new Chevy Camero or maybe your buddies new HEMI Ride?

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